What Businesses benefit most from SEO?

Companies the benefit the most from SEO

Have you ever asked yourself, “Do I need SEO for my website?”

Google generates leads for businesses, large and small, by providing users with the information they are looking for—from research to videos, or a service company to a desired product (to be more accurate, Google doesn’t generate leads, it funnels traffic to websites. It is then the company’s job to turn said traffic into leads). 

The point is, the goal of SEO is to generate more web traffic.  

BUT some companies benefit more from an SEO campaign than others. 

While an SEO campaign will help ANY company to generate long-term, durable leads, it may not be the best strategy for your particular business. In this article, we’ll cover the businesses that most benefit from an in-depth SEO campaign—and those that maybe don’t need it as much. 


What kind of businesses don’t need SEO?

As a digital marketing agency, we work with a variety of companies/industries with various marketing goals/needs. 

This might sound strange, but I’ve built websites for companies that I don’t recommend SEO for. 

That’s really saying something, because I LOVE helping companies with their SEO—and think it’s one of the best long-term strategies for digital marketing. 

***Let me clarify here that when I speak of “SEO” I’m referring to the long-term campaigns that aim at ranking for unbranded keywords. Every website should be optimized for search engines, but much of this can be done during the build process and is more of a one time thing.***

Okay…back to the subject matter. Some companies get plenty of traffic to their website without a significant Domain Authority or backlink profile (two things that heavily impact search results). 

How’s it possible?

These are businesses that have what I call a high direct-search volume—meaning, people are searching specifically for the company. The interest is built before the user makes the search and the search then becomes merely a means to find more information. 


Example A—a new storefront opens up on a high-traffic road. Hordes of people have been watching the progress until this point on their way to and from work. The day comes when it’s open. In this case, the new store will have a significant amount of web traffic through direct-search because of the natural advertising that comes with a well located brick-and-mortar.  And this amount of traffic may meet the goals of the company if they can convert the traffic into customers. 


It only takes a small amount of SEO to rank for direct-search.    


This type of SEO is merely on-page optimization to ensure the appropriate keywords related to the specific business name are present and the site speed is meeting requirements. If these are taken care of, a long-term campaign is not needed to accomplish direct-search rank.  

A good web development company will handle this type of SEO in the build process. It can also be done post hoc in a DIY situation.   


Example B—an established business that has built up an extensive following on social media platforms. Companies like this may generate a significant amount of traffic to their website through social media—enough to meet their capacity/revenue goals. 

Again, the website should meet speed requirements and be user friendly to help with conversion. But if getting more traffic is not needed, then an SEO campaign is likely not the best approach unless more growth is desired.  


What businesses do benefit from SEO?

There are many more that could be listed but I thought I would just mention a few that stand out. 

1. Off-site Service Businesses

Many businesses in the service industry can greatly benefit from SEO. These companies typically don’t have a high-traffic storefront to sequester interest from prospects given that, generally, the service is carried out offsite. Building an online presence for a service business can do wonders to generate long-term, durable leads and beat out the competition. 

  • Landscapers 
  • General Contractors 
  • Plumbers 
  • Roofing Companies
  • HVAC Services
  • Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services
  • Handyman 
  • Pool companies 
  • Photographers
  • Interior Designers 
  • Painters

2. Startups

If you own a startup, you’re already swimming up stream and are likely on a tight budget. Although SEO is not an instant play maker, the long-term results are worth every penny of investment. And considering the cost of other mediums of marketing, SEO is actually quite affordable and is highly targeted to your desired market. Search marketing captures leads of people with high intent to buy—they are searching for where to spend their money. 


3. Google Ads Users (PPC)

There are a HUGE amount of companies buying leads through pay-per-click campaigns, such as Google ads, and with good reason. A well-optimized ad campaign can fund an entire business, basically. However, If a company needs to reduce their ad spend or wants to stop paying for ads altogether, the leads go away instantly. There is no residual. 

But…ads work great with SEO. If a company invests in their SEO, over time they will get more and more leads organically as opposed to paying for each click. With more leads coming in by other means, the ad spend can be reduced and the company is not as reliant on their ads. And because SEO is generally more durable, it brings a bit more stability, overall.     



Before you take on any marketing strategy, it’s important to have a healthy understanding of your goals. And when you do, often the pathway to that goal becomes clearer. My hope is that in reading this article you have been able to identify where your business is and if SEO is a good option or not to help you meet your goals. 

SEO can bring about the lead generation that you are looking for to help prosper your business. Have more questions? Get in touch today and we’ll take a look specifically at your business and goals and help you identify a proper marketing strategy. 

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