Top 5 Reasons to Outsource SEO 2023

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If you are wanting your website to create more leads for your business, it’s likely that you are considering SEO. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry for a reason. However, as a decision maker for your company, you have a few choices when it comes to investing. Should you keep your SEO in-house—either add an SEO specialist or a team of specialists—or, is it better to outsource those efforts to an SEO agency? 

We’ve come to the conclusion that, in most cases, it is much more beneficial for small businesses to outsource their SEO to an agency. Here’s why…


1. Expertise and Specialization

The search engine optimization field (SEO) is a highly complex field that is in constant flux. Search engine algorithms are complex on their own as it is, but to add to it, there are many updates, sometimes significant ones, to these algorithms. A professional SEO agency will make a habit of staying up to date with these changes and will have a healthy understanding of the strategies needed to increase a company’s rank in search results.

And naturally, because an SEO agency has many other companies that they are helping and many other keywords that they are tracking, the data that they have access to is invaluable. An agency will be able to create SEO strategies that are informed by hundreds of other websites and SEO campaigns. They know what works and what doesn’t—not by hearsay or the latest blog post, but through actual trial and data, over time, tested and proven. 

An SEO agency will have their process streamlined, as well. Given that they have many campaigns running simultaneously, the result is efficient productivity, which leads to our next benefit of outsourcing SEO.



2. Cost-efficiency

The benefit of outsourcing your SEO cannot be overstated here. An in-house SEO team or individual will cost a significant amount more than outsourcing these tasks to an SEO agency. 

If you bring on full-time staff, you have not only the salary but also insurance costs to think about. And as your needs change, let’s say you want to increase your efforts, you will need to bring on additional employees—meaning additional salaries. Or on the flip side, maybe you want to reduce the SEO efforts, you still have the salaries to pay. 

Many companies will bring on one SEO specialist and expect them to handle everything. When you outsource your SEO efforts to an agency, you are hiring a whole team of highly specialized people. 

You have someone dedicated to writing high-quality content, another to link-building, another to on-page optimization and another to keywords, plus a dedicated SEO manager—all that for a set monthly price depending on your package. Hiring just one SEO in-house will cost more and be less effective. 

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3. Zero onboarding and time investment

As you know, onboarding new employees can take up valuable time and resources from your company. And it comes with the inherent risk of losing employees at the drop of a hat—or worse, having to terminate an unproductive employee. Hopefully the latter wouldn’t be the case with enough vetting during the interview process; however, we’ve all heard stories of a person taking a job only to quit a week later because he or she received a better offer from a competing company. 

Outsourcing your SEO bypasses all of that risk and investment. When you hire an SEO agency—you bring on a fully operational team—that you don’t have to manage or on-board. And let’s say you hire an agency that’s not so great (they’re out there;)), it’s a lot easier to cut your losses and look for a better fit. When you haven’t invested valuable man hours and gone through a rigorous hiring process, walking away is just not a big deal. 

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4. Access to tools and resources

So…there are a lot of SEO tools on the market—some are great, some are not, but most of them come with a cost and, generally, anything that is free in the world of SEO is not very helpful.. The cost of these tools added together can be out of reach for some companies or just not worth it. Whereas, an SEO agency has already made the investment, the benefits are then simply passed on to the client. 

Some tools are also quite complex and not very user friendly. Instead of adhering to the demanding learning curve of setup and monitoring to said tools, an SEO agency has the expertise needed to make the most of their SEO resources. They will walk you (the client) through anything you don’t understand and help you make sense of the data and sensible decisions in response to the data. 

A good SEO agency will have reports that they regularly share with their clients to keep them in the loop. While SEO strategies frequently change, the results are always measurable and, as a business owner or manager, you should know what your rank is for specific keywords. Find out more about our process and reporting at Mos Web Design.


5. Scalability & flexibility

SEO needs for any size company will change over time and it’s likely that the budget will change, as well. When a company has their SEO all in-house, making changes to the scope of resources allocated toward SEO often means adding new people to the team or reducing the size of the team. As mentioned earlier, there are hidden costs with these kinds of moves.

Working with an SEO agency allows your company to scale up or down whenever necessary. Not only will you have a team of SEOs to help you make those decisions, to increase your SEO budget is as easy as sending an email.



Outsourcing SEO is a great option for many small businesses and comes with a host of benefits: it’s scalable, it’s flexible to the needs of the business, it’s taps into high quantity and quality data for strategy determinations, it is much more cost-effective, and saves on time and investment of valuable company resources, not to mention that’ll you get a whole team of highly skilled and specialized professionals working on your ranking. Want to see if outsourcing SEO is right for your business? Contact us today for free consultation.

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