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Struggling to be found online?

You’re not alone. Competition is steep in the landscape biz. But with an expert local SEO campaign, Mos Web Design can propel your business to the top of Google search results.

Imagine potential customers actively searching for your services and landing right on your doorstep. That’s the power of local SEO. An effective campaign will eventually reduce the need for other types of advertising. SEO likely won’t replace ALL other forms of advertising but it is highly targeted to your ideal customer (when done right) and completely trackable with data. 

The truth is, they are searching for your products or services, but they may be finding your competitors in Google’s search results instead of yours. We’ll identify the problem and create a clear strategy to help move you up through the ranks in search so that you’re before other landscaping companies that you’re competing with.

We’re an SEO & web design agency based in the Chicago suburbs with a deep understanding of Chicago’s local market.

Our data-driven approach tackles Google’s algorithms head-on, driving targeted organic traffic that converts into real leads and sales.

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We don’t promise “quick-fix” solutions or “gimmicks.” Instead, we do the long-term, consistent work that is required to produce a real impact in search results over time.   

Search Engine Marketing for Landscaping Companies

Our Approach to SEO for Local Landscapers

Keyword research & competitive analysis: 

Every successful local SEO marketing campaign for a landscaping company must start with an understanding of the target audience. From there we can research the appropriate keywords to capture them accordingly.

On-page & technical SEO optimization:

All the keywords in the world won't help one bit if there are technical problems with your website keeping it from search results. We'll use our technical SEO expertise to remove anything that is hindering your site from ranking well in SERP. 

High-quality content creation:

High-quality content is still very important for SEO for landscapers, although the landscape is always changing. We'll stay on top of the latest trends in SEO to ensure your campaign is successful and provide content that is beneficial for your target audience.

Link building & outreach campaigns:

A strong backlink profile is perhaps one of the best antidotes to the ever-changing algorithms that impact the rank of your landscaping business. We obtain new, high-quality links each month for your site, which, over time, increases the authority of your website.

Local SEO & Google My Business optimization:

Local SEO marketing is the highest priority for a landscaping businesses as your business is driven by the local consumer. We'll ensure your customers can find you through geo-targeted keywords and a completely optimized GMB profile.

Ongoing performance monitoring & reporting:

We know how important it is for results to be tracked. That's why we'll keep you in the loop on how things are going with weekly keyword reports and monthly performance reports. 

Grow Your Landscape Business with Expert SEO Marketing From Mos Web Design!

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If there is a direct competitor with the same target market to a company with whom we are already in business with, we will not do the same campaign. However, with local SEO, the target market can be very specific and what may seem, at first, like direct competition, may turn out to be otherwise. And, our keyword approach can be dramatically different, while still maintaining effectiveness. 

If this is a concern, please contact us and we’ll discuss prior to launching any local SEO campaigns. 

Many SEO companies require you pay for a certain duration or sign a contract—we don’t feel the need to do that. However, while we don’t make our clients sign a contract, we do want to ensure that our clients are aware that results don’t happen instantly and if you’re going to invest in local SEO marketing services for your landscaping business, you should be willing to commit to seeing it though for a year’s time, at the very least. 

We strive to offer competitive and affordable SEO services comparable to the Chicagoland market without compromising quality. Our pricing structure is designed to accommodate different budgets while ensuring impactful optimization strategies. We believe in providing value-driven solutions that align with your goals and financial expectations.

Contact us today to discuss your SEO marketing goals and we’ll put together a proposed budget needed to achieve your goals. 630.400.0789

give Your Landscaping Business the Digital Boost it Deserves With The Expertise of a Local SEO Specialist in Illinois.
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